About Me

I am a family medicine intern and mother of two dear children. A little bit about my personal background… I was born in Taiwan, grew up in the American Midwest, and graduated from the University of Michigan. After living in California for two years, where I met my husband, I moved to Israel to attend medical school at Tel Aviv University. I have now lived in Israel for six and a half years, where my family and I currently reside.

On Health and Medicine

My medical background as a family physician is founded upon Israeli innovation, American practicality, and Asian balance mindedness. The purpose of my writings is to provide help and understanding to my readers regarding popular medical topics. I aim to bring you a clear and honest perspective in every post.

On Relationships

Why do I write about relationships? It's a special passion of mine, but more importantly, I've found that my relationship articles resonate with readers from all walks of life, time and time again. Although I have an M.D., I am not a therapist. I do have 14 years (and counting) of spiritual counseling experience with young people ranging from junior high to young married couples. For them, relationships are the most important concern!

On Extras

Here you'll find a wide variety of topics in which I draw from my personal stories.

On Ask Anonymously

If you submit a question using my Ask Anonymously page, I'll put together a timely response for you. It can be a medical question, or any random query on life. As a bonus, if your question merits a more lengthy response, I will write it out as a post on the website.


Please feel free to get in touch with me regarding any comments you may have. I'd love to hear from you!

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