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A HIGH FIVE to Sir William Osler

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Sir William Osler, the "Father of Modern Medicine." And, as it turns out, a doctor with an EXCELLENT bedside manner.

As retold by author and physician Larry Dorsey, regarding Osler:

"After revolutionizing how medicine was taught and practiced in the United States and Canada, in 1905, at the peak of his fame, [Osler] was lured to England where he became the Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford. One day he went to a graduation ceremony at Oxford, wearing the impressive academic robes that are a feature of the occasion. On the way he stopped by the home of his friend and colleague, Ernest Mallam.

One of Mallam’s young sons was desperately sick with whooping cough. The child would not respond to the ministrations of his parents or nurses and appeared to be dying. Osler loved children greatly and had a special way with them. He would often play with them, and children would invariably admit him into their world. So when Osler appeared in his dramatic ceremonial robes, the little boy was captivated. Never had he seen a human like this! After a brief examination Osler sat by the bed, peeled a peach, cut and sugared it, and fed it bit by bit to the enthralled, speechless boy. It was his first nourishment in days. Although recovery was unlikely, Osler returned for the next 40 days, each time dressed in his magnificent robes, and personally fed the child. Within a few days the tide had turned and the little boy’s recovery was assured."

That all doctors could exercise compassion like this. A high-five and salute to you, Sir William!

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