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It’s Just a Matter of Practice

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Not long ago, my esteemed, intelligent, and highly thoughtful aunt sent me a video called "Just a Matter of PRACTICE". She attached no words of explanation. She simply forwarded the following 5-minute clip.



My aunt didn't know it, but at the time that she sent this video, I was really suffering. At the time, I was taking care of both children, and my husband was sick with nausea and fever. In addition, I myself was slowly starting to become feverish. We had just moved to a new home, and almost none of our utilities and appliances had been set up. I felt exhausted, defeated, and increasingly certain that I couldn't take much more. Moreover, I had no one around who could help with the kids. I was truly feeling sorry for myself.

Then I watched this video.

Did you click on it and watch it yet? How did you feel? Were you maybe as stunned and breathless as I was afterwards?

Did you ever realize that everything in life is just a matter of practice? Practice levels the playing field for us all. Even for those of us who were not gifted at birth. Maybe some of us had real disadvantages at birth, physically or mentally. Maybe some of us were born pessimistic, or with a cynical outlook on life. Or else, maybe we developed that way in childhood. Perhaps, our childhood left us with truly heavy disadvantages. But have you ever considered this, that we can practice at anything and thereby become better at it?

Did you know that you could practice things like, being joyful? Or, staying hopeful and positive? Or, contentment?

Did you know that you could practice complaining less, not only from your mouth but even from your heart and mind? Did you know that your mind could be changed and your heart softened… with practice?

Why does practice work?

I believe that practice works because what you practice will get into you. 

The things that you practice, over time, will start to become part of you.

They will be built into your identity. Eventually, they define you.

People are not static. They can, and do, change. And grow!

It's all just a matter of practice.

Here is the video, one more time. Spoken by Prem Rawat. Rawat is an inspirational speaker famous for his messages on peace and humanitarianism.



The words from this video, in the right context, rescued me just when I needed to hear them. I realized that even in my situation, I could practice pressing forward with an uplifted countenance. I could practice being the wife and mother that my family needed me to be right now. I could practice juggling the duties and tasks that I had. And, although I might not be great at it, although I might mess things up, maybe many times over, with time… I'd get better at it! In fact, I'd probably become pretty good at it! Not because I'm such a talented or powerful person. But rather, it would be because of my continual practice.

What things could you accomplish today, with a little practice? 

I hope that these words, spoken and written here, do uplift and encourage you today as they did for me.

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